Now is the time! Volunteer today Part 4 of 4

July 22

Dear Members and Friends of the Southeast Region AAPC:

Part 4 of this email series is a call to action.

We have described the current AAPC situation and the questions we believe it important to be asking (July 14). We have offered you two vision statements to consider as a way of letting the world know who we are and what we do (July 18). And we have shown you a way of being organized that will help us be more connected to one another and to the work of the region (July 19, resent July 20).

Today we ask for your help.

Do you live in hope that your AAPC will continue its service of professional development and supporting and caring for members while providing a professional home for spiritually-aware psychotherapists?

We believe new wine is being poured out. We are trying to become new wineskins, ready to receive and share new wine. We want you to help it happen. Now is the time.

We are seeking current members and new members who want to join our new Work Groups to help create the NEW AAPC: a volunteer led, members’ initiatives organization! All members can make a positive and meaningful contribution to our community by helping us re-shape our future in this time of transition and growth.

Please consider applying for a volunteer or leadership position in one of our new AAPC Southeast Work Groups. We are asking for a commitment of 3-4 hours a month from Work Group volunteers and 4-6 hours a month from Work Group leaders. (If you currently serve on a committee, you will be asked what Work Group best suits your current interests and availability.)

We are looking for professional practitioners who are:

Ø caring, thoughtful, and motivated;

Ø courageous and inspired to take on the meaningful work of transforming our community;

Ø experienced leaders or individuals with leadership potential;

Ø ready to help us be innovative in advancing the practice and training of pastoral counseling and spiritually-aware psychotherapy.

Volunteers and leaders will bring together a regional network in collaborations that will include developing continuing education resources, developing new local chapters, online publications, educational webinars, scholarship awards, programming at Kanuga, caring for our members, building connections with other organizations, and more.

Here again is a graphic showing the new Work Groups:

Which of these calls to you?

The rewards of service are many, but none greater than the deepening of friendships with the remarkable people who are your colleagues.

Please take a moment to learn more about the roles available by sending your inquiry to David Harris, Leadership Development Chair at

Now is the time.


Your Coordinating Council

John Arey, Past-Chair of SE Region (

Dick Bruehl, Co-Chair of Local Chapters Committee (

Jim Coffman, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee (

Robert Cooke, Chair of Theological and Social Concerns Committee (

John Eddinger, Chair of Certification Committee (

Andrew Gee, Chair of Advocacy Committee (

David Harris, Chair of Leadership Development Committee (

JoEllen Holmes, Chair of Program Committee (

Russell Jones, Chair (

Rachel Matthews, Secretary (

Chris O’Rear, Chair of Communications Committee (

Donna Scott, Co-Chair of Local Chapters Committee (

Kathryn Summers, Vice-Chair (

David Verner, Chair of Personal and Pastoral Concerns Committee (

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We are a welcoming community of therapists and other professionals grounded in diverse spiritual traditions and communities of faith. Informed by research and science, we offer education, connection, and support for those engaged in vocations of compassion, transformation, and healing.

We invite all healing practitioners – pastoral counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, ministers, coaches, physicians, nurses, public health workers, students in training in these professions, and others – to join us in this good work. ​ ~Adopted 2016

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