2016 Town Hall Meetings

We have concluded the 2016 Town Hall Meetings.

Please check back here for our consolidated findings

coming in late September!



August 6, 2016

Online Town Hall

hosted by Kathryn Summers

August 12, 2016
10-11:30 AM
Asheville, NC
 Hosted by Russell Jones
239 South French Broad Avenue

August 12, 2016
12-1:30 PM
Durham, NC
 Hosted by Kathryn Summers
Westminster Presbyterian
3639 Old Chapel Hill Road

August 12, 2016
12-1:30 PM
Online gathering for young members
 Hosted by Russell Jones

August 18
12-1:30 PM
Memphis, TN
Hosted by Jim Coffman
Pastoral Counseling Mid-South Ctr.
Emmanuel UMC
2404 Kirby Road

August 19
12-1:30 PM
Charlotte, NC
 Hosted by John Arey
Providence UMC
2810 Providence Road

August 20
12:00-1:30 PM
Atlanta. GA
Hosted by David Harris
Rock Springs Positive Coaching, Caring and Counseling, Inc.
1708 Peachtree Street NW # 425

August 26

12-1:30 PM

Online gathering

Hosted by Kathryn Summers

 August 27

11 AM -12:30 PM

Raleigh, NC

Hosted Robert Cooke and David Verner

White Memorial Presbyterian

1704 Oberlin Roa

September 9

4:00-5:30 PM

Nashville, TN

Hosted by Donna Scott and Jim Coffman

Belmont UniversityJane Ayers Building

4th floor15th Ave. So/Wedgwood Avenu

We are a welcoming community of therapists and other professionals grounded in diverse spiritual traditions and communities of faith. Informed by research and science, we offer education, connection, and support for those engaged in vocations of compassion, transformation, and healing.

We invite all healing practitioners – pastoral counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, ministers, coaches, physicians, nurses, public health workers, students in training in these professions, and others – to join us in this good work. ​ ~Adopted 2016

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