Transforming Our Region

AAPC SE: Moving forward!

Overview of New AAPC SE Organization (approved 2016)

Our Coordinating Council provides strategic direction, coordinates with staff and teams, nourishes innovation and ethical practices, and ensures good financial stewardship. It also

coordinates staffing requirements and helps provide administrative and logistical support for the organization. The four chairs of our work teams (Professional Development, Outreach, Member Support, and Finance/Admin) sit on the Council with the officers of the region. The Council meets monthly (usually by tele/video-conference) and may also meet in retreat to plan for the future.

Our Professional Development Team coordinates our conferences, certification, continuing education events, and consultation/peer support groups.

Our Member Support Team focuses on the care and nurturing of membership in the organization. They also help mobilize the membership to advocate for the profession and practice of spiritually-integrated psychotherapy, chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and other closely related professional fields. They are also charged with developing volunteers for the region.

Our Outreach Team works to establish and nourish connections with collegial organizations, engagement with the community, social media, and the growth of membership.


The Finance Team provides investment oversight and good stewardship.


Will you join us?

We are recruiting members who can

volunteer 1-2 hours per MONTH

to serve on our new Work Groups

If you would like more information about our new Teams and Work Group or would like to donate some time to the help move us forward, plese contact us.

We are a welcoming community of therapists and other professionals grounded in diverse spiritual traditions and communities of faith. Informed by research and science, we offer education, connection, and support for those engaged in vocations of compassion, transformation, and healing.

We invite all healing practitioners – pastoral counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, ministers, coaches, physicians, nurses, public health workers, students in training in these professions, and others – to join us in this good work. ​ ~Adopted 2016

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