Changes in AAPC SE: Part 3 of 4

This is part three of a four-part email series to update you on work our Executive Committee has been doing and to invite you into conversation with us about that work.

Part I outlined changes in AAPC in the past year and big picture vision and identity questions we are facing as a region. Part II presented two possible vision statements for our region and asked for your feedback. Today’s email shares with you a new organizational structure that will help us become a more effective volunteer-led organization.

Greater Freedom, Greater Responsibility

The ongoing reorganization of AAPC gives the Southeast Region tremendous freedom to build community and develop programs to serve our members and the world beyond our membership. It also gives us more responsibility. There is no longer anyone “upstairs” to tell us what to do or to do things for us. What happens from here forward is up to us.

Our Goals

As we attempt this transformation to a volunteer-led, mission-oriented organization, the Executive Committee identified goals and strategies for moving us forward as a community. We organized the work we are already doing and the work we envision doing into four goals:

1. Grow community (among our members and beyond our membership)

a. through our website and social media presence

b. through networking with other organizations

c. through outreach to students

d. through local chapters

e. through pastoral care of all participants (members and non-members)

f. through involving participants in work groups

2. Support professional development

a. training events

b. training curriculum (perhaps leading to some certification)

c. consultation

d. supervision

e. peer review

f. “formation”

3. Develop, implement, and continually evaluate models for financial sustainability and administrative effectiveness

4. Nourish innovation and ethics

a. in participants’ practices

b. in regional and associational practices

From Goals to Action

We have had a highly productive year as a region and made great progress on almost all the initiatives we approved at Kanuga. We could do better, however, if we were re-organized and staffed in ways that make it easier to distribute tasks and ask for member-led assistance.

The Executive Committee (soon to be renamed the Coordinating Council) believes we can be more effective, efficient, dynamic, participatory, agile, and responsible if we organize the region into teams focused around specific tasks.

Therefore, we’ve developed and approved a model to change our current committee structure into four teams, each containing separate Work Groups that align with our goals. We’re making this change now, rather than at Kanuga, so that the Leadership Development Work Group can begin its work in identifying and recruiting volunteers and leaders.

Here is what our new organizational structure looks like:

As the Coordinating Council met this summer, we gave much thought to the idea of new wine and new wineskins. Our old organization served us well in the past, but our future calls for a new approach. We believe this new structure will help us be more creative, more connected, and more effective.

COMING SOON: The Leadership Development Work Group will be drafting initial Roles/Responsibilities to help the Work Groups in their formation. Look for these documents in early August as we prepare for our recruitment season leading up to Kanuga! Please be thinking and praying about how you want to be involved.

Work Group volunteers will be asked to share talents and time (3-4 hours per month--that’s less than ten minutes a day) to help us move forward as a community and an organization.

Work Group Chairpersons and Team Leaders will be asked to share an additional 1-2 hours/month (a total of 4-6 hours/month) helping your Work Group or Team accomplish its mission. Much of the work can be done by email with a few conference calls to coordinate.

The Coordinating Council (formerly the Executive Committee) will be responsible for strategic direction, oversight of staff and work teams, nourishing innovation, ethics, and financial stewardship (i.e., receiving and approving financial reports from the Administrative Team). It may also appoint ad hoc work groups and or ask individuals to address work unassigned to the teams. The Coordinating Council will be comprised of the regional chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, and the four team leaders. We will meet monthly by web conference in addition to our annual planning gathering. (As we move through this transition, ad hoc meetings may also be needed to support the roll out.)

Thea visual below explains the transformation from the old committee structure to the new mission-inspired, goal-oriented Teams and Work Groups.

Town Hall Meeting Schedule

The Coordinating Council believes this change in structure will help us as a region. But change is change, and we invite you to gather with us for conversation about this change and other issues in our life together. Come share your ideas, ask questions, and connect with your colleagues!

August 6 10-11:30 am Online gathering

Hosted by Russell Jones

Please confirm to

Instructions will be emailed to you after you register

August 12 10-11:30 am Asheville

Hosted by Russell Jones

239 South French Broad Avenue

Please confirm to

August 12 12-1:30 pm Durham

Hosted by Kathryn Summers

Westminster Presbyterian

3639 Old Chapel Hill Road

Please confirm to

August 12 12-1:30 pm Online gathering for young members

Hosted by Russell Jones

Please confirm to

Instructions will be emailed to you after you register

August 18 12-1:30 pm Memphis

Hosted by Jim Coffman

Pastoral Counseling Mid-South Ctr.

Emmanuel UMC

2404 Kirby Road

Please confirm to (901) 728-6525

August 19 12-1:30 pm Charlotte

Hosted by John Arey

Providence UMC

2810 Providence Road

Please confirm to

August 20 1:00-2:30 pm Atlanta

Hosted by David Harris

Rock Springs Positive Coaching, Caring and Counseling, Inc.

1708 Peachtree Street NW

# 425

Please confirm to or (404) 441-2347

August 26 12-1:30 pm Online gathering Hosted by Kathryn Summers

Please confirm to

Instructions will be emailed to you after you register

August 27 11 am -12:30 pm Raleigh

Hosted Robert Cooke and David Verner

White Memorial Presbyterian

1704 Oberlin Road

(in the Calvin Buildling, room C200)

Please confirm to or by text (919) 816-6797

Coming Tomorrow

The Leadership Development Work Group invites you to offer your help. We

Thank you for reading this email series and for the feedback you will offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Coordinating Council

John Arey, Past-Chair of SE Region (

Dick Bruehl, Co-Chair of Local Chapters Committee (

Jim Coffman, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee (

Robert Cooke, Chair of Theological and Social Concerns Committee (

John Eddinger, Chair of Certification Committee (

Andrew Gee, Chair of Advocacy Committee (

David Harris, Chair of Leadership Development Committee (

JoEllen Holmes, Chair of Program Committee (

Russell Jones, Chair (

Rachel Matthews, Secretary (

Chris O’Rear, Chair of Communications Committee (

Donna Scott, Co-Chair of Local Chapters Committee (

Kathryn Summers, Vice-Chair (

David Verner, Chair of Personal and Pastoral Concerns Committee (

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